Car driving licence

Car driving licence



  • 5 practical driving lessons with a manual car of 45 minutes each OR practical driving lessons with an automatic car of 45 minutes each
  •  Registration
  •  English Theory books for your theory test
  •  Access to all theory test in English, either by internet or at the driving school facilities
  •  Computer room
  •  Practical classes for exam tours


Online Registration

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  • When you do the theorical test you have to pay 94,05€, that is the taxes, and 42,50€
  • Taxes you have to pay only if you fail two exams, if you pass both exams for the first time you have to pay taxes once
  • When you go to the practical exam you have to pay 135,40€

The theorical classes are in English, also the theorical test. However the practical classes and the exam Spanish.

  • Tasa: 94,05€
  • Circulation Classes (45 minutes) – 34.50€
  • 6 class package  199,90€ (each class cost 33,31€
  • 11 class package 345€ (each class cost 31,36€)
  • Exam management: 42.50€
  • Car exam: 92,90€
  • Tasa: 94,05€
  • Circulation Classes (45 minutes) - 37.20€
  • 11 class package - 379€ (each class cost 34,45€)
  • Exam management: 42,50€
  • Car exam: 92,90€


What does enrollment include:

Tests to perform:

  • A Theory test of 30 questions where a maximum of 3 mistakes is allowed . Test can be undertaken in Spanish , English, French and German. Examinations can be taken at Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico de Móstoles.
  • A Practical test of 25 minutes duration approximately . These will be held on the open highways of Móstoles. The requirements for both tests are: ID card (Tarjeta de Residencia) and a medical certificate issued in a Spanish medical centre.

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Validity of EU Driving licences:

EU Driving licences are valid permanently only when the licence holder has passed a psychophysical medical test in the periods established for the Spanish law , now days every 10 years until the holder reach 65 years old , and after 65 years old every 5 years , counting from the first day of his her residency . If the candidate fails the psychophysical medical test the licence will no longer be valid . Expired EU Driving licences are no longer valid in Spain

If you need English staff, please. Adress yourself to our office sited in Serrano.

Validity of foreign driving license in spain:

  • Driving licenses that have been issued in any country of the European Community or those within the European Economic Zone Iceland , Liechtenstein and Norway ) are valid permanently . A license issued in any other country is only valid in Spain for the period of six months maximum , counted from the first day that the license holder obtain residency in Spain . After this time, these licenses are not longer valid , and it will be necessary to obtain a Spanish driving license . However , Spain holds an agreement with the following countries that license holders are able to simply exchange their licenses after six months
  • Countries that Spain holds an agreement with are: Algeria , Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia , Ecuador, Morocco , Peru , Dominican Republic , Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Philippines , Guatemala, Tunisia , Panama , Nicaragua, Serbia, Andorra, Korea , Ukraine , Macedonia, Japan and Switzerland. In conclusion : Non EU license holders , and those not from the countries listed above , after six months will have to sit a Spanish driving test to continue driving within Spain

For more information

If you need more information , you can call the following phone number: 625 120 310
Or if you prefer to speak with staff in English, please, address yourself to our office sited in:

Calle Alberto Alcocer 47
91 350 12 91

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